Easy Carrot productions is the result for our persistent drive for content creation. Based in Bangalore with the expertise and experience in both offline & online ad films, content videos, brand films and still shoots. We have a zestful panel of 10 years of experienced and trustable crew members, film directors, script writers, assistant directors, DOP’s , still photographers , musicians directors, art directors, editors, graders, production co-ordinators, location finders etc. We believe in perfection and timely delivery of creative masterpieces that truly work for our clients!

Creative Focus is the post production division that works in alignment with us, focusing on CGI, VFX, Editing, Colour grading and co-ordination. We have a full-fledged studio equipped with state of the art studio equipments and resources. Our studio has 3 model bays and 2 product bays. Operating mainly in Bengaluru, India, we also have our branches in Mumbai , Kerala and Dubai.

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